Cannot rename objects with v3.47.3

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Your username: NTh3R
What kind of device are you using?: iPad 6th gen, iPadOS 15

1 sentence description of the problem: Cannot rename objects, including characters, text and shapes

Steps that the Hopscotch team can take to reproduce my problem every time:

  1. Open a draft
  2. Try to rename an object

I expected this to happen: Can rename it
But instead this happened: Cannot rename it
Here’s a sweet screenshot: None

Bug was originally found by @Crosbyman64 (i think) a while ago
Topic created under request:



Solved while i was writing, thanks!
(this is good to know with the newest version of Hopscotch, @Antigravity)


Hey there,

This is a new design with our update. With this new version of Hopscotch, here’s how to change the name of any object:

If you long-press the object in your code editor, it will pop up with three options: “Duplicate” “Rename” and “Delete”.

Select “Rename” to rename your object.


You can keep it open for now.


I just updated the Hopscotch Helpscout article with annotated screenshots, so feel free to link other people to the article too, for updated information.

You can rename objects to help you find them more easily. Having names that are more meaningful will let you quickly work out what an object is used for. 

Renaming is also particularly helpful if you have a lot of Text objects, for example, which would otherwise just have a default name of 'Text' followed by a number. 

  1. To rename an object, long-press on the object on the stage (press on it for a few seconds):

  2. Tap “Rename” in the list of options that pops up:

  3. Then type in the new name and tap the check button:

    Now the new name will appear in that object’s code, as well as in the Objects library:

(Yes I am working at Hopscotch, if you’re wondering. I will talk more about that later on, when I’ve got more content for the community, but just a small reminder to please try and keep on topic here)