Cannot paste link from a topic onto my GT, says it’s not allowed?


So I’m trying to paste a link from my new topic onto my GT and the link is a word that’s not allowed?
Can someone help?


Words that start with a f and end with a K


a word there starts with F and ends with K, like @SarcasticTvHead said. To fix this, just remove the words and leave the topic number:
turns into:


Remove every k from the link, and it will still work identically.


Oh of course
Then the link is a long word lol


Ok, thanks for the help.


Should this go under FAQ? I feel like it can happen quite often.
I mean, it’s fine either way, keeping it in Meta or moving it .


Perhaps someone should create a topic that explains this issue and how to fix it in posts, topics and other places where it would appear. I feel that it would be a bit more clear.