Cannot log in from IP



I cannot log in on my school iPad at home but I can do it at school.


I think that's because someone on your school iPad made an account that was IP-banned.


I don't have any idea why that's happening, but my friend @Mystic_Woods had a similar problem. Maybe you could ask her how she fixed it?


Yeah, it happened to me when I was at a friend's house. It should take a day or two to run out.


When you connect to someone's network, the network gives you an IP-adres (the word with double s is banned). If someone have had that IP and made a banned account, you won't be able to log in.

However, this is just my guess of a possible reason if you have connected to someone's other WiFi. The most possible reason is simple: it's a bug.


@Mobcraft, it may have been that someone, while using the school's wifi, was IP banned?


Well, it's not the fact that someone has a banned account, it's the fact that someone has tried to log into an alt account recently on the certain IP. I have no idea if it uses the server or the local IP, but I could search around Meta later on to find out.


I'm on a school iPad and it works for me.
Maybe the district or school blocks things like these for you.


This has happened to me before. I waited a day or two and then logged back on my account.
If you just wait it out then the problem should resolve itself.


Unfortantly, I can't remember. Sorry.


Its because your school have restricted access to this site


just change the password


Sorry, @MobCraft, if Mystic doesn't know then I don't know. :/


Wow that sounds strange, so it is from home that you can't log in.

I had thought the suggestion of the school IP being banned might explain :thinking:


This happened to me while I was on vacation when I got home it worked!

Maybe someone from your IP is IP banned or maybe it does not recognize you on that IP addres.s because you made the account at school?

I have no idea


Still happens


Not sure if you go to school with a lot of Hopscotchers or your public school system has uniform IPs, but I remember your school IP was shared with a lot (10+) of people, one of which was in fact IP banned. I can’t exactly remember who but probably seawolfwerehorse or one of friendship’s alts.


I don’t go their either of their schools
But there was this guy who probs got ip banned from a while back


my ip was not banned only my alts i think


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