Cannot find out winners of contests

So, ever since HHC16 I haven't been able to find out the winners, so, whenever they announce the winners of a contest, tell me in the comments!

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The 'winners' are the people who are featured.

But there's usually several entries on featured.

Yeah there are more than 1

Really? So like for HHC16 they give out tee-shirts to several peopl?

I think so.
They don't give out prizes for the daily challenges tho.

Then the point of daily is just to get featured?

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Or maybe to get ideas? :slight_smile:


I guess secertly screeches "creationsofanoob!" hey, I really liked your stick figure animator! I saved it as a draft so I can animate on the go!


Thanks! I'm really happy you use it :D

I know. Like the BestOf2016. My featured project only moved up 5 spots and I'm not sure whether it made it or not. (Jedi Adventures)

Ur welcome! U can make some funny stuff on there...

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