Candycane Is Taking Username Drawing Requests



Hi Everyone, So basically i am taking request on hopscotch, but when i do them i will publish them on the forum.

Who do i take requests from?

I will take requests from anyone :D but i would consider it as an honour if any of my hopscotch idols ask for a request!

This Is Hopscotch Related!

The request form has to be filled in to what YOU think that your hopscotch uername would look like as a person (or animal) I will be drawing these on paper

My art style

I don't really know what my style is, but i do love drawing eyes. Here is a picture of my best pair of eyes that i have drawn on paper:

Request Form :D

(fill out what you think your hopscotch name is as a person)
HS Name
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Skin Colour

BAS Approved Mass Tag


Who I Would Like To Draw (sorry if you didnt want to be tagged, this isnt mass taglist sorry again :P)

(some of u guys are AMAZING artists so i wont be as good as you are!)


I think you should draw something themed like your fav book or movie.


k sure, ill do that soon @Catsaremylife


Sweet make share to post it and tell what it's from


HS name: KomplettverrĂĽcktjunge
Gender: Boy
Hair Colour: dark brown
Eye colour: even darker briwn…
Skin colihr: light brown ish …?
Clothes: jeans, and a blue shirt?
Extras: maybe KVJ on the shirt?



I'll take a cat, like this one.


@KVJ @tankt2016 i have a ton of homework but il definetly do them soon thanks for replying!


Yay! Cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol i wish I was as young as i sound…


@Catsaremylife this is my favourite series of books. It is by Lauren child and about a girl detective. This is what i think she would be like. SORRY, IT HAS FLIPPED BACK TO FRONT! LOL I also spilled water on the eye so thats why its bllluuurrrrry


@tankt2016 im really sorry for the bad pic, i never have drawn a cat on my life but i hope you like it?!


It's not bad.

And it's not good.

It's AMAZING! Thanks! We should really get a collar for our cat Yang, he acts like a dog…


Thanks a lot

what do you mean?
EDIT: Wait nevermind, i thought you said dollar not collar @tankt2016


The auto-correct put dollar and then I changed it.


@KVJ, sorry for the ate reply, i was at a club, but here is your request, i hope you like it!


That is awesome! I really wish I could draw like that... :slight_smile:


Remember this has to be related to Hopscotch. :wink:


Well at least the picture they drew for ne was, right...?


Yeah, sorry @Kiwicute2016, i will edit it now Please can you check edit to see if it is hopscotch related enough!


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