Candy Crush w/ NDSDNS


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Decided to make this separate, since it's a different topic.

I don't really have anything yet, but I'm working on a game like Candy Crush. I needed someone to work on it with :smile:

Do you want to work on your nPad X? What would you like to add? (I followed you, by the way)

EDIT: I don't know why this was flagged as spam, I'm not trying to advertise this. This is just so NDSDNS and I can plan what we are doing for our collaboration, because I don't want to clutter my Hopscotch feed with messages about it.

How to determine if iPad has been swiped?

I could take a look at it but don't have iPad right now. What is it like?


Wait, I can get iPad! What is your account called? Nevermind, I see it know. I am following you!


Sorry I just woke up :grin:

I just replied to the game. In addition to just the normal swapping game, what would you like to add? Power-ups, special candies/blocks?


By the way, how did you like my game board for Candy Crush?


@NDSDNS We should move this to the post I made earlier, but I like it! Do you like mine? We basically need to combine yours (swiping) with mine (randomizing).

P.S.: @t1_hopscotch, can you move this to this post please?


The problem is that mine was very simple because we could plan it out and make it easy to not have three or more in a row and tell if you have won. However, By the way I am not at the house with my iPad right now so you will have to do all the work.


Yeah, yours is good to make sure three don't come in a row, it's just that I like it random so it is different every time. (The randomizer rule on mine took ten "Check If Else" blocks :flushed:). We also need to make it so new blocks fall when you score.


I think that new blocks falling will have to be added closer to the end. Or maybe instead when the user got a match all the candies in the match turned into different candies. And we need some kind of value to tell us for example what 1's candy is and we could use that to determine if the user has a match or if there is no matches or the user has won and to check when swiped if it should stay or go back to its position (which you can see in my game board). You also need to put your candies as close together as mine are if we're going to make a 15x15 board in the future. By the way, This is my third account. My first account was created in August 2014 so I'm a really good programmer.


Renamed the title so it is more clear

You're good with values, right? We need to have a value for the randomizer rule so it doesn't create more than three in a row. For example, my random rule uses "if random 0-10 equals (number) set text to (candy) else (and it continues that until the end). We can add something like, if random 0-10 equals one, increase value (candy type) by one. And only then it can create the candy

Yeah, I'm really new compared to you :grin:


Yeah, I'm REALLY good with values. I do nPad X most of the time. What I'm thinking we need to do is set a value called, 1 for example and set in from 1 - 10 when we set 1 so that we can track what candy each number is. By doing this we could determine if there were three in a row, the user had a match, or there were no more matches.


Yeah! And we can increase the value, say 1 which represents chocolate, by one when it is created. The check once if can be if the number is less than 3?


Less than three? I'm thinking for example we can check if one = two and two = three then we would have three in a row.


That makes sense, I guess. How are we going to have more blocks fall in once someone makes a move?


Do the randomize ability again.


Maybe when someone scores we set the value BlockThere (or something) to zero, and when it equals zero we do the randomizer ability?

We're probably making this way harder than it needs to be :joy:


Yeah, we probably are but I think your right.


When in doubt, put values on everything! Whatever works! It's really late where I am, so I need to go to sleep, but I'll work on that in the morning.


Wow, it's morning where I am.


It's okay @CreativeCoder this topic is fine as it's a collaboration on a Hopscotch project and you are sharing ideas with each other, as long as you don't get off track :smiley: