Canceling The 4th Of July Party?


Many of us

want to celebrate the Fourth of July, and we were going to host a party on the 4th.

(Of July lol)

I am bringing this up because the fact is that many of us are in different countries. If the majority want to have a party, we'll have a party unless denied by majority of staff. If the majority want to cancel it, we'll cancel.

This poll will decide if we will have a Fourth of July party or not.

Remember to express your own opinion! No peer pressure please.

Feel free to list your reasons below.

Ignore this poll because it doesnt exist
  • Let's have a party! Even though many are not in the US, we can still celebrate! Plus, it will be a party, so why not?
  • No. If we have a party, some of us will think that it's okay to have other parties for holidays, not following our fixed schedule.


Votes are public.


Which one would you guys rather?

  • Forum Birthday Party
  • 4th of July


Votes are public.


Oh yay!
when is that?



I think the 4th of July is on the 4th of July lol

Unless if you're talking about the hopscotch birthday party which is April 16 or something like that


Forum birthday. XD


Oops lol I'm soree
Dun hurt me pls


I think we shouldn't call it Fourth of July call it fourm of July! A celebration for how the fourm is so close to being 1 year old!


I joined two days after the fourm was made.


This sounds cool and all but what is a forum party??


hey @Anonymous I got a funny and brilliant idea‚Äč:stuck_out_tongue:........we should call it FORUM OF JULY haahahah


no offense but that's way off topic so remember to stay on topic‚Äč:grinning:


Look at when @system and @discourse joined, it should be the same day the forum was created. :D

In other words, the forum's birthday's on July 16. :D


Well, then happy early birthday, system/the mad bot XD


It's okay to go slightly off topic that wasn't really off topic we don't really need to point fingers for everything!:wink:


it was off topic and don't get sassy please‚Äč:grinning: ...not trying to be rude



What this is weird I could of sworn that I joined two days after the project was published!


it's not it's the truth


Please don't say something over trust level okay?

It really hurts my feelings, just becuase I am not a regular doesn't mean I am as special as you.:cold_sweat:

Many people say something about me getting demoted. @SimplySouthernGurl


Guys, let's try not to get into an argument.

@SimplySouthernGurl, using your trust level to show superiority isn't cool. Sorry, but you're basically saying you know more than he does.

Getting into a flame war saying someone is off topic is just as off topic as what started it.


no I didn't say that @Huggingfluffybear it just means I have had more teaching and I know right and wrong by now...and so this is going to far so let's just stop..let me have the last were off topic and please just make sure you remember to stay on topic... JUST A FRIENDLY REMINDER‚Äč:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: