Canada's topic for the Olympics!



Ok team! @DreamerGirl @DA-BEASTY @MelodiousParrot @thebestest I need you guys to tell me what the top 3 events that you want to do are, ASAP plz!! <--- link to turn In projects

The events are:
Sins and cos: @happyfacegirl DONE
Trail art: @MelodiousParrot DONE
Pixel art: @thebestest DONE
Coolest background: @DreamerGirl DONE
Project related to Olympics: @DA-BEASTY

For project related to Olympics, it can be anything so art, games etc, that is related it the Olympics
The other 4 topics don't need to be related to the Olympics
If you make a drawing for the "Projects related to the Olympics" then screenshot it please.


Pixel art, project related to the olympics and sine and cosine.


Sin and cos are cool a. Want to play with them now


Here is an annoying draw!


Sin and cos
Coolest background
And project related to the Olympics


Woah... Look at this!


@DA-BEASTY and @thebestest which one of you would like to do sin & cos more? You can talka bout it...


Good luck Canada! I'm sure all of your projects will be awesome!


Thank you! Good luck to your team, too!


I also have like 2 more
Also @DA-BEASTY are you on?


Background please! Could I make the backgrounds? I'm good at them


Yes! Please start making that project ASAP! Give us the link when you are done so we can give you feedback BEFORE you turn it in the Ella_13's topic.


@thebestest @DA-BEASTY @therealblah and @DreamerGirl

I need one of you to do trail art. I can't do it, because I am HORRIBLE at trail art... Do any of you want to do trail art?


Well dont tag me! im also horrible at trail art!


Ok... Well, so am i. I dont know who will do it, because nobody even put it in their top 3.


Good luck guys!!!!


Thanks! You too!


i see you @TheRealBlah

are you any good at trail art?


I got a second feture