Canada Hoplympic Team!


So here's my team for the Hoplympics by @EnchantedAnimallover!

Wooo! Team Canada!


Trail Art
Pixel Art
Sine and Cosine

So, I don't really want to just give you an event you don't like, so please tell me,

Which event do you want the most, and you'll be the best at?
Also, please give me a backup event, a second one just in case.


  1. Backround
  2. Games (does it have to be realted to olympics?)


Let me check the topic, if not I'll ask @EnchantedAnimallover!


I can do background or games!


Can I do either trail art or backgrounds?


Good luck Canada! I'm a judge :smile:


@murphy1, what about you? :smile:

Would you mind doing pixel art?



Hi guys and girls,

I didn't see there was a Sine and Cosine event. Do any of you want to do that? It's ok if you don't.

Sorry for tagging you twice right now, Murphy, in this post and the last.


I'll do it if no one else wants to :slight_smile:


@Murphy1, I'm giving you by the end of the day to respond, or I'll assign you an event. :D

If I don't get any response by the morning after tomorrow, we'll have to find another member. :0


I don't know if I should really do this fren. I will make my project but I can't tell you.


Hola. Sorry lol. I'm not very active right meow


I'm sorry, I don't understand. :0


Things.... XD. I will make my Canada project but I might not log on to tell u


Oh ok that's fine fren

Are you going to turn it in though?

Also would you mind doing pixel art or sin and cos?


Darn it. I'm a horrible pixel and CoSine person


Oh that's ok! What else would you like to do? Can I have your top 2 options :smile:


I can do trail Art background or games



@happyfacegirl, Sin and Cos

@BellaWafflez17, games

@FascinatingTreehouse, trail art

@Murphy1, Pixel art

@codingCupcake123, backgrounds


Who is doing sin and cosine? I could do that instead if no one else wants to.