Can you test this thingy I made?



So I just made this game, it's kind of similar to Solitare, the card game. Here is da link: ! Anyways, I have been working on it for a really long time! It took so many tests and values...

It's one of the best projects I have made. Anywho, there was a TON of glitches!!! I fixed most of the bugs, but can you guys test it? Please tell me feed back!!!


its awesome!!!!


Its really awesome! :thumbsup:

But theres this glitch...

The title and buttons don't disappear :T

I'll try again it may just be my Ipad lagging


Ok. That's a glitch I haven't had yet.


I refreshed HS but the glitch is still there...


I haven't found any glitches yet...
Why don't you ask your beta testers?
(I'm still waiting on a response for my form :P


Well, one thing: How do you play?


I'm still waiting for other replies for the beta tester form. Otherwise, I would ask! @tankt2016, try clicking how to play.


I did, except when I tap the numbers, nothing happens.


Omg I love it! I think it's the best spinoff on HS of Solitaire. There weren't any glitches for me!



Okay, new glitch, deleted like the posts from less than 7 minutes ago. So, I can't see them. And then I had the glitch AmazingAlphaAquaWolf had. And once you tap "Score", you can never go back.

EDIT: Wait, the posts are back.


@SmileyAlyssa when this is done it might be a new game changer!


When it says how to play I still don't get it


@SmileyAlyssa This is amazing.... But Mr. Filter came...


Mr. Filter?!


I can't even slide the cards down!


You just tap the number.


It's really really really awesome!


I just saw that! Thanks! :smile: That's my number one goal right now!


Should I publish this soon?

  • Yes!
  • No!
  • Imma troll! :stuck_out_tongue: