Can you solve this magic square puzzle (nobody in the world has yet)


As allot of forum members use maths when coding, maybe someone on the forum can solve this maths problem and become famous.

A magic square 4x4 means all the numbers in a column or row in the 4x4 grid add up to the same value.

As you see in the pics here, a 4x4 grid where each number is (squared) in the grid shows all the values in columns/rows add up to the same amount.

From what I read no one in the world has figured out how to make a 3x3 grid of squared numbers that have all values in the columns and rows add up to the same amount.

This sounds easy and hard to do.
If someone codes a 3x3 grid and has arrows to tap to increase/decrease the number value in a square in the grid, this might find the solution to this problem quickly.
If I have time I might try and code the 3x3 grid I mentioned.

Ppls this might interest.
@ThinBuffalo @BuildASnowman @Mathgirl


Here, wait a gagillion years and ill definitly figure it out.


Can't you just use the same number in each square?


3 3 3
3 3 3
3 3 3

And of course squared after each one which I wasn't bothered to do xD


Okay, this formula is going to be easy.


Wait, @Stradyvarious, do diagonals have to add up too?


Calling all good mathmaticians. How do i make the value stop adding?


An individual number can only be used once in a magic square .
So you can't use "3" more than once.
Example 3 squared.


Do your own work dude


This seems so easy at first glance, but then it becomes much harder. I've never thought of trying to code a solution on Hopscotch!


I wonder if that's even possible? You'd think if it was someone would've figured it out. But anyway, that's cool.


I must be wrong here, because if I was not this surely would have been spotted by now, but:

11²  23²  71²

43²  59²  19²

61²  41²  17²

All rows and columns add up to 5691.


Any volunteers to test out my machine? It's manual. My automatic code doesn't work.


Oh, great. I wasted my time on a useless machine.


I'm not sure if the diagonalls have to add up to the same number.
I'll have to read more about this.
Do the diagonals on your grid add up to the same amount as the rows and columns?


Nope. It doesn't.


No, that's probably the problem :smiley: I'll keep working!


I'm almost sure it's impossible if the diagonals have to add up... but I can't prove it XD


Do the diagonals in the 4x4 pic I showed add up to the same amount as a row in the. 4x4 grid?


Yes, they do. That's the problem.

One result I just came up with that might be of use, is that in the magic square we are trying to find, the number all the rows, columns, and diagonals add up to must be 3 times the center number.