Can you set your profile picture with a transparent background one?


I tried to upload a picture with transparent background but it went wrong.


If you place the pic and background here, i'll try to edit with Piskelapp


Yeah I was just about to say, you could edit the photo in a photo editing program/app


Umm..... Do you have the Magic Wand tool in Piskelapp? Or is there one? idk


Sprites transparency can be adjusted.
Layers of sprites and the sprites centre and rotation is possible.
Gif speed can be adjusted.
And drawing tools are available.


Yes, if you have a .png picture, it will be able to be transparent.


Well, yeah, I know that (not to be rude), but the transparent pixels switch to white.


They should work, @XiaoMiaoMi's has a transparent background profile pic and it is transparent.

That's her profile, and obviously you can see it's transparent.


Yeah, I just have to figure out how it's done, or how to save the picture without that transparent-to-white thingy.

I use the above site. It's free and easy-to-use!