Can you say something to only certain people?



@t1_hopscotch used to create these kinds of PMs before. If you ask @Ana, she might create one for you.


I don’t think Ana would do that, and since it’s thanksgiving, she’s probabaly not working.

I told them to create PMs with me so I could do it but I guess not? Since no one has so far.


Requested to be in it


So when am I in @FearlessFriends


You’re in.

Don’t tag them tho, it tags 50+ people, and it’s prob not a great idea…


Oh sorry about that then…


Ehh it’s prob fine.
Just for next time tho


Please message FearlessPheonix, he can tell you the password to the collab


Uhh I’m a they…

It’s fine tho


Sorry I just say he for some reason even in role plays with a she in the description I say he
I’m not stereotyping


Yeah it’s chill. Don’t worry about it


Oh, I forgot about that. I knew that it was thanksgiving, but I’m not really keeping track of the dates as I’m in a country that doesn’t celebrate it.


what is tynker? @SarcasticTvHead


It’s ankther coding site, less art than hopscotch


You can make Minecraft mods and stuff
Not a lot of art


I’ve made a tynker account. now what?


@MeloettaMaker you should see this