Can you say something to only certain people?



The password is changed. Is there a way to say things to only certain people? If not idk what to do because someone hacked the collab


Also I can tell MeolettaMaker outside hopscotch


So I don’t need to be here?


If you want, you guys could request to join my group (FearlessFriends) and I could ferry the password and the username around for you.

I wouldn’t ever log on to your collab or tell anyone the password, so you really don’t have to worry about that.

Other than that, you could post it somewhere, tag all of your friends and then delete the post, but that’s not very efficient.

Edit: I forgot to add – you can’t do this yourself since mods don’t make custom groups anymore. t1_hopscotch made them for us when she was a mod, before she stopped doing that. I don’t think Ana would make a group for you.


@MewtwoCreator ! Well, can you tell me the new pass? I have a collab whiteboard with CTS and can tell her there!


sure i think that would be great


Pepper I have a question


okay, what is it? :slight_smile:


Alright :))

All of you send me a request to join FearlessFriends, and then I can ferry the password around.

(You need to request to join my group for this to work. i won’t actually add you unless you want to be added)


So I’ve been messing around with Tynker and so I’m really confused, how can I change my nickname from Snappy Jungle to SarcasticTvHead


I bet @UTheDevHS will have a better explanation tho


it contains part of the name you put when you signed up. you have to log into the email you signed in with and change your name from “sarcastictvhead” to something else for it to work.

i know that doesn’t make much sense but i can provide pictures and stuff if you need more help


Ok thx


You should try making a parental account. Then you pretty much have full control over your “student” account.



Not sure
Plus I only ever use Tynker for Minecraft mods


Where i
go to do that


Because i’d Like to join that


You go to groups, and then search “FearlessFriends” or scroll down to the ‘F’ section. It’s the one with the Phoenix.


Then you tell me the user and pass and then after the other people on the collab do the same thing with requesting to join my group, I can give them the password safely.


yeah forgot about that part :slight_smile: