Can You Please Check out MultiPad


Calling all artists! I've made a drawing pad called multi pad! It has over 80 colours and lots of cool features! You guys can use it to do requests! Here's the link:


Good job! I see you took a lot of time on it. One small thing is that I don't have much space to draw.


Awesome! Here's a like! :heart:


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Thats awesome! My favorite thing is the 3D, and the music is good too. The only thing I would do is fix the lag. :wink: I fixed the typo in the title, it was driving me crazy :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it's a great pad! But I think a sleeker design would be nice, as well as less flashing buttons :wink:.


That was what I was thinking too, but I chose this design so that k could put many colours!


You're welcome!


Sorry, but the lag is inevitable due to the amount of code (check out the code in the fan blade!)


Why not using the Hide button in the bottom left corner?


Thanks! That made my day!


You deserve it, it's pretty awesome! :smile:


Oh... I never saw that... :slightly_smiling:


Great job! This is one of my favourite drawing pads! I really like the 3D draw! Here are some thing I recommend doing:

•No flashing stylus
It can distract people that are drawing.

•Different music
I think it would be really cool if you could choose what kind of music you listen to while your drawing. Music can also help give inspiration for art!

I don't have much feedback! I think your pad is really cool! Keep up the good work!


Awesome drawing pad! @admins @moderators, can you check out this project? It's amazing!


Thank you very much @MobCraft and @RobotPro! It was a big help!