Can you play Hopscotch on pc?


is it possible too???


No, it isnโ€™t.


ok,thanks!!! :grin:


You can play Hopscotcth projects in a web browser if you have a link to it, but the editor and liking features does not work on PC. If Hopscotch was on Android, it would be pretty easy to emulate on a PC.


I donโ€™t think so as far as I know hopscotch is only on iOS devices.


No, you cannot. Hopscotch is only available as an iOS app.
Hopscotch: Make Games by Hopscotch Technologies
(If you want to see how to make a link like that, I made a topic that will tell you how.)

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Can you play Hopscotch on pc? by Chocodonut on July 11, 2018 6:10 PM (Europe: Paris), July 11, 2018 9:10 AM (America: Los Angeles)

is it possible too??? ?:smiley::wink:


@cheesecake hi its me princessjin im very busy now i will be online later :relaxed:


It would be able if you had an iOS emulator. Iโ€™ve not found anyone of them though.