Can You Help me?



Ok I have my old ( Hacked) account and I changed the password but the name is DreamyLemon.frequently in Hopscotch I am DreamyLemon​:lemon:. Can @Liza @alish @Ian please Change the Hopscotch DreamyLemon to DreamyLemon​:lemon:? If so can you also change me ( DreamyLemon​:lemon: On Hopscotch ) To DreamyLemon. if you want in simple form Swap Me ( DreamyLemon​:lemon:) to DreamyLemon?


If possible, ask your mom to email! They'll respond faster like that! :wink:


You should email THT, they will see it faster :wink:


I have already emailed ages ago plus my email is not working so I can't see the reply they send me


Oh, okay. Sorry for being such a nuisance! :yum:



No your not a nuisance ! You made a mistake everyone makes mistakes!


Ohh, ok, well, I'll hope they see this soon :slight_smile:


Can you @ them?