Can you help me pleese?


I know I already made a topic like this but no one explained it in a way that I understand

I want to know how to make a second account on the forums
So could someone do a picture tutorial?

I might make a second account if someone helps

If you know how to make a second account and you are willing to make a picture tutorial for me than pleese make it

Feel free to help even if someone already helped


First you need a second email account. Then using that just make an account like you made this one

  1. Click "Log Out," by clicking your profile picture in the top right corner and then "Log Out."
  2. It should lead you to the forum home screen, without your avatar picture. In the top right, then click "Sign up."
  3. Then, make a new account with a new email, password, and username! You can use a website called to make a temporary email!
  4. Then, confirm the details by going back to your email tab or tab.
  5. You're done! Make sure not to refresh the page or else a new email will be generated, and you'll lose your confirmation email from the Hopscotch Forum.
    Hope this helped! :D