Can you guys tell me your opinion?



Hello! I made Comic Creator! So, here is the link, can you guys tell me

  1. Is it good enough to be on featured?
  2. If you can post a pic of your comic, that would be great! Also, I’m tagging random people- @SarcasticTvHead @Petrichor @William04GamerA @FearlessPhoenix @Madi_Hopscotch_ @Liza
    (These are people i think will tell my their honest opinion) If you think it’s quite good, nominate it here-
    Nominations for Featured 2!
    Thank you!


Hi @CoderOfMagic
I think it is a great concept, but I have a couple of suggestions:

  1. The pen didn’t work - that might be an issue
    Make it so you don’t have to tap the word pens to activate it - that was confusing
    Also, make sure it does not draw when I drag in a sticker
  2. I suggest setting the speed of the draw object to 1000000 so that the grid draws faster

If you need help doing it, feel free to tag me


You already know what i think about it :slight_smile:
I also do kinda agree with Awesome_E – the first time I played it, I put in the stickers first and then drew.
Maybe add a pen width function too?

Edits were me fixing typos


Why are you making so many topics with something you can make ONE topic out of?


@Hopscotcher the answer is I’ve only been here one day, and it’s still confusing. Though in the future, I will post less topics. Thanks for the advice:)


What @Awesome_E said :slightly_smiling_face:
I think it’s nearly feature-ready, maybe just add/update a few things first. You could also add more emojis!

If you need help with anything you can ask me or someone else.


I was going to say the same thing as you too. The fact that you had to tap the pen text was a little confusing, indeed. And if you make the grid draw faster too, I think that this project would be amazing! It´s already really good though - I´m only suggesting some smaller tweaks.


Thanks @Madi_Hopscotch_


Thanks for the opinion! I republished Comic Maker!
@CTS I added a HSB finder!
@Awesome_E you don’t have to press pen to activate the pens!
@William04GamerA I made the grid faster!
@Madi_Hopscotch_ I added more emojis!
I think it’s ready! Also thanks @FearlessPhoenix for nominating it! Also, when @SarcasticTvHead was talking about a problem, I fixed it. It’s all ready @Madi_Hopscotch_! Hopefully you find it feature ready!!!


I found a problem in your project


Can you tell me what @SarcasticTvHead
I unpublished it.


@SarcasticTvHead I fixed it! I knew U were talking about decreasing HSB, I forgot to add. I edited the link to it. Sorry for tagging you over and over lol. Also, do you know where I can publish drawings?

  1. Yes!
  2. Idk the squares are a bit small, but still a great game


Thanks @MewtwoCreator


What do you mean drawings? Like in the forum or hopscotch?


@SarcasticTvHead on the forum:)


Oh lemme grab the link