Can you guys please stop flaming me for reporting someone thanks you <3


Guys, I reported lightning strike because he asked for Ella's last name. Anonymous repeatedly asked for where her photo was in the yearbook and what her last name started with. This made me uncomfortable and I told lightningstrike I was reporting him for asking for her last name. He most likely panicked outside of the forum and quickly edited the post so he wouldn't be in trouble.
But when I told Liza, the post wasn't edited yet. So when Maimouna asked for a link, I gave her the rep,y that started it. She probably looked through edit history and found that lightning strike asked for Ella's last name. Liza suspended Anonymous and lightningstrike a few days laters. In an email thread, liza told me I did the right thing and that made me feel as if I shouldn't feel bad when I read the email. Then I checked the forum to tell AD about camp and I received some hate and people were calling me unfair and saying I didn't know the whole story when I literally witnessed the whole thing happen. So basically the people who said that were being unfair and didn't know the whole thing. Liza's reply to my email made me feel stronger and happier about the whole situation. I still replied that I felt bad.
So before she has to tell you guys, I am going to politely ask you guys to drop the issue and move on before she has to tell you to stop. I hope you realize that the hate has hurt my feelings as well. But the suspensions were fair and they were suspended for a reason. Murphy1's suspension wasn't fair, but you guys never complained about her's. Yet you complain about a silly and small matter? Guys, I am disappointed in you and I hope you do better next time before I lose trust in you.
I was not trying to get them suspended, just so you know. I was looking out for Ella's safety as well as their's.
It wasn't unfair reporting :slight_smile:




Get it xd


Me understand even tho I wasn't involved in dat incident


I sorta agree with you.
It was all witnessed by me as it was on my topic!


I understand.


Yeah, I get it. While it may not be that big of a deal, it still is personal info, and you shouldn't feel bad for doing something. :slight_smile:


Well I'm allowed to complain cause it involved me

U should have asked me before u reported them

They didn't need to be reported because we go to the same school

@Liza it wasn't a big deal


I don't think we were complaining

I mean it's only day so I don't really care


Also lightningstroke is a she


-_- my last name is bacon




Aw dang it one more hour still


Well a suspension is what you get for asking for information, anomous, I am sorry to say.


He didn't ask for personally info though and lightning strike only meant to ask for the first letter of my name

Plus we go to the same school


No he asked for your last name but he edited it before he could get in trouble I literally witnessed it it's I've read now drop the matter please


I can't really drop the matter because it involves me

And @Lightningstrike is a she

And @Anonymous wasn't involved at all

Plus, who cares if they ask for my last name? We go to the same school


Ella, ultiple people were looking at hat topic. Anyone could have seen your last name being posted. Do you really want to endanger your safety like that?


its the internet. If it's in school or not on the internet, yeah sure. But hackers can find information about you really easily and track down where you live and such.


first letter of her last name. so many people would have a similar name that i dont see the point in reporting, especially since you werent involved, and ella could have easily declined and not answer.