Can you guys help with ideas?



Hey guys, recently I have been working on a new game, I've got the character, joystick, and background, but I can't think of what you should have to do in the game! Can you guys post ideas of what the objective of the game would be, and ideas to improve? You will get credit! Here's a picture:

BTW: I accidentally took a picture of him blinking! Sorry!


Maybe add some background detail. Eg, clouds, planes, shapes, etc


Ok, I will go add that! Thanks!


No problem!
Also, you could maybe add a changing background, so that sometimes when the game starts the background is different from other times...


I'll try that. How do you like it so far?


Great! Looks very good!


I made two other types of background:



Excellent! That will make the game even more interesting because it's not full repetition! Great job!


Should I do anything else?


Lol you like really quickly o.O


Question: do the clouds move? If not, you might wanna add that, maybe as a looping thing…?


Yeah, Thanks! I guess I do


The clouds already move, thanks for suggesting it though


What exactly do you do in the game btw?

Also you could add instructions?


I still don't know what to do in the game. I'm still thinking, sorry. :flushed:


That's fine :joy:! Just make sure that when you do know, the player knows what to do.
For that you could add an intro part of maybe have an Instruction option?


I'm making the help page right now, I'll show you it once it's done




Here it is:

(I'll insert a text with instructions later)


Looks great!

Ugh I'm out of likes AGAIN : [