Can you guys help me get to Regular?



Can you guys please help me get to Regular status? :neutral_face::slightly_smiling:


You are going to need to be on for 50 more days and post and like a lot.


Omg. How long did it take u to get to regular? Was it hard?


Not very...I just went around doing stuff! Being active a lot!


Haha! I should do that! #BeActive!


You need to be a member first then you have to be on for 50 days and do a lot. You're just a basic for now. Btw Welcome the the forum!


t̾h̾a̾n̾k̾s̾! ʝ Ѧм †ґ¥ʝηℊ †◎ ℊ℮† †◎ м℮м♭℮ґ ḟʝґ﹩†!! :wink::slightly_smiling::blush::yum:


Have fun! You will learn more about the forum the more you use it. :wink:


There is a huge topic about this, where it explains what you get when you get to higher trust levels, and how to get there. I would just search trust levels and maybe you will find it. :grinning:


Have fun on da forums!

Just for reference.. To be a regular:

You must be a member first
Less than 5 confirmed flags
Be on as a member for 50+ days (not consecutive)

It's really that simple!

Help around and trust me! Time will fly quickly!


I'm so new I barely know how to post!


Don't worry!

I can help!

The button you see below this post that says REPLY is to reply to the person in this post!

If you want to make a topic, go to the main menu, tap/click "Ask A Question" button below the search button.

Now back on topic!


Thanks! I needed help!


Well, you joined yesterday.
Be patient, it will take a long time.
You don't just create a forum account and automatically get regular.
You have to be on for 50 days.
And you have to get member first.
We already got member.


Most people have Regular and have probably gotten more than 5 confirmed flags!


I only have one confirmed flag, as mentioned by @t1_hopscotch...
Peahen I saw what you said... I be like..




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5 days to become a member from being a basic..


Yes, please take it down if it's you, a lot of bad things could happen. :wink: