Can you give me some quotes by yourself!



I need some quotes for some games I'm making. I need you to write a quote and at the end write your hopscotch user name so I can give credit!


Everything you'll ever want is on the other side of fear.



The outside is a illusion the emotions is what really matters
- vanillapowder


My username is hopscotch


I entered this is @Kiwicute2016's contest:
Happiness spreads. And so does sadness. Would you rather everyone be happy, or sad? You choose.



"Reach for the stars. Then, you'll be remembered. But if you get there, you will never be forgotten."



"My chickens have been peepified!"



"Live Laugh Love Potato"



"Why tell me I can't? It just proves I can!"

  • KawaiiPixie


"Sometimes the right path isn't always the easiest"
"Roses are red, bacon is red, poems are hard, BACON!!!!"

Boom. Two more.


The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your very best today.


The mistakes you've made in life may leave a shadow to hide you, but you are a diamond. You are bright. You are powerful. You are unbreakable. Let your light guide you"~ DTaco


"You think I'm weird? Thank you, it's good to know that im original"-DTaco


I take weird as a compliment. What... do You think that's weird? -hansonnoah


Even if you think your bunker is ready for the apocalypse, you should still throw in another can of baked beans. -hansonnoah


Reach for the stars. If you can't reach them, climb a tree. If you still can't reach them, climb a taller tree. -hansonnoah


The fear of failure is a common thing. Don't let it stop you from chasing your dreams. Instead, use it to motivate you to work harder to achieve your goals.

Gosh, that's long..



"Good coders are bad coders who never quit."



"Sometimes, there's a reason that road is less traveled."

"Wars are the mosquito bites of the Earth; wounds that are opened again and again."
"A heart is the shape of two intertwined raindrops."
"Even if money did grow on trees, you would have to go outside early to collect it."

All of these are by me, except for the first. The first is just a quote I really like.


"There are the popular people... Then there are the normal people...
And me? I'm a Potato.
A Kawaii Potato.
And I can be a difference."

(Just thought it was cute!) >.<
& also:
"Life is like running, Keep running, even if you trip—still go on. And something amazing, somewhere in your life might just happen to you."