Can you give me feedback on this project?


Hello hopscotch!
I just published a new project! It's called character maker! It took about a week to make...anyway...I just want feedback on it...It's probably the project I've put the most effort into... Here's the link

Sorry it's kinda glitchy :grimacing:

—Candyfloss clouds​:ribbon:


That's really cool!

Maybe organise the options more, like align them or shrink the options or something?

Also the angle of the hair keeps changing :0 though it's kinda cool.

Great overall though!


Idk what to do about the hair, I think it's a glitch!
I'll make it more organised in Version 2


Do you have a set angle?


Not in this project...


It's great!

But why is the peach skin tone a light yellow color?

And I think it is a little bit unorganized with a options, maybe shrink it or separate it a little?

Other than these, it's pretty good! :D


It was the closest to peach I could find I used this colour


U use RGB?

Maybe try this code? HSB (30, 30, 100)


(I'll give you credit In V2)


K thx

When you publish V2, tag me with the link!




Tag me too please!! It's a pretty cool game!! Maybe just organize it a little better!!




Yes do orgainze the words, and their is a glitch with the hair if i tap brown then blond it will do brown and finish blond. Otherwise good job, if you need help i would be glad to help!!!!


You will have to wait for the hair to finish, growing before you tap the colour you want the hair to's this Annoying glitch...


Its really cool!

Maybe organize the words!


It is ok, but the dress doesn't really look like a dress.. It might be me just tapping the color too quickly, or you might need to change the code some...


It's AMAZING I love the little character one thing I would suggest is space out the options other than that IT ASOME AMIZING VERY GOOD BETTER MY PROJECT 99999999 OUT OF 10 GREAT


Thank you so much!


Yeah...the dress bit kinda failed....