Can you get my project fetured


The name is escape the comet
Has black back round, and light blue letters


Cool! Maybe you could nominate it for a feature:


Great game! As SA said, maybe you could nominate it for featured! You are allowed to nominate your projects too! :smile:


Thank you everyone for helping my project


SmileyAlyssa you are a really nice person and hopscotcher


I'm switching to my other account emoji༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ


Bananadog, Smiley Alyssa, TheLegoMaster, and raw bear thank you so much


No problem! Don't forget that you can call them here by putting an @ before their name! :D


Your really nice rawrbear


You are, too! :D


Make sure to read my topic it can help you to get a feature and add some new things to make it feature worthy!


Let's recycle this topic since there's another topic


I made another account called snail​:snail:


Hey did you take your username from insparation from mine?

As well nominate it in the topic!