Can You Get Banned?


Can you actually get banned from the forum or hopscotch? I've never heard or seen anyone say that they got banned, so I was wondering.......


Yeah you can get banned form the forum

Some people have been banned before

I don't know about hs though



@mellonybeats got banned for 2 centuries, which is technically a lifetime ban


Why did she get banned for two centuries


It says she was innapropriate or something so yeah that actually might be why..


@friendship2468 got banned for eight years me lol
@seawolfwerehorse had her posting disabled and she was banned
@leafyishere had their posting disabled
@codelife was banned and I think their posting was disabled
@ricegum had their posting disabled


Well you probably haven't heard many people say they got banned because they got banned XD

okay I'm sorry


OOOH yeah @happydolphin she was posting her naked or something





And anime characters naked stuff like that
And friendship/me communicated
SWWH threatened others and said she was gonna kill them and stuff
Ricegum was impostering someone
Leafy/me was using the account leafy and got randomly disabled posting
Codelife was being mean


Yes, seawolfwerehorse, friendship (she has a different account now), uh

Idk who else




Probs best not to gossip :slight_smile: