Can you get a free subscription for a week and then refuse to pay at the end?


It says free trial for a week. :expressionless:
I want to know at the end of that week, must you pay, or can you just refuse to pay and move on?

And once using this free subscription can you publish projects with photos?



I think you can refuse to pay… but I’m not sure.


you can cancel the trial on like the seventh day so you don’t get charged :smiley:


I think that you can cancel it. Take a look here:

I can’t guarantee that this will work though.


Yes using the trial, you can change your profile pic into an uploaded picture and publish projects with pictures.

Pretty sure the projects will stay but your profile picture will change back.

Not sure about the charging at the end of the week thing.


Yes. Just get it then immediately cancel it.


Never mind, I will work without this.