Can you feature please

Can you feature this


@Huggingfluffybear you have an imposter XD. Also there is a nominations for featured topic. Welcome to the forum!

*Realizes he's been on the forum for 7 days nevermind.


Also @fluffybear1 I see most of your topics are just begging for featured which is against the community guidelines. (Logically) so please look at the community guidelines, and go to nominations for featured, and nominate it. If they like it. They will put it there. If they don't want it on featured, it won't go on featured.


Like the others have said, you can go here to nominate projects for Featured.


If you want your project featured keep trying and there must be no bugs


I am like uhhh a hater?

So I went into the app but this guy​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@Bubbles4Ever929 said it perfectly. Games that are easy to understand will most likely get featured. Anyway, I don't know how to play that game so…