Can you delete all your posts (and comments)? (And how?)


Is there a way to delete all your posts?
I kinda want to make this account fresh again…

If only I can delete my old posts, though, I won’t ask this.


Only @Lisa and @awesomeonion can you can tag them and ask though!
Btw @OMTL will tag 156 people which is useful if you need info


I mean, if you click the three dots on the post and then the trash can, then I think that will delete the post


The problem is, with old posts, the delete button is nowhere to be found.


About the OMTL, I don’t like using it for this kind of stuff. It’s too useless to be tag-worthy.

Also, I forgot to tag the moderators. I won’t double tag them now, though. Thanks for tagging them for me!


Your welcome @kenlauescuadro


You don’t need to tag the OMTL every single time though.


No, not all of them unless a moderator does it for you, like @FRENCH_WAVE123 already said.


It sort of depends.

On super recent comments, you can delete them by clicking the three dots and the trash button. It doesn’t usually work for your really old comments.

As for topics, you cannot delete them. You can edit them after a certain period of time (you can’t edit super old topics) but a moderator has to close your topic or delete it.

This whole idea was already mentioned by a few forumers that already commented, but I just wanted to reiterate…


I don’t feel like replying to every reply here, but thanks for them. I gathered that you can’t mass-delete (or delete all) your posts and topics, and everything. Thanks for the replies!

i guess the only way is by deleting my account…
If a staff member sees this, please delete my account. Thanks!


why do you want to?


I don’t think that’s how it works but um ok


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