Can You Create Your Own Tag?



I was wondering... Can you create your own tag? If so, how? I have a topic, but the tags don't seem right! Please help!


You need to be a level 3 trust level (regular) or above.


You need to be a regular, then you can make tags.

Please don't abuse this power when you get it though!


Oh, ok, thanks! (Must be at least 20 characters. So, dmkdksmsmsmsjsj)


You half to be a regular sadly! You will get there one day though! ,are sure to stay active and you will be making tags in no time!


As everyone else said, yo need to be a regular! If you want a certain tag to be made, I can edit this and make a tag for you!


If you ever need to create up your own tag, just @ me and I'll edit it and make the tag