Can you change your username on forums?


I'd just like to know how, cause I'm not really liking my username right now..


I don't think you can, but you can make a new account :stuck_out_tongue:


Arghh, seriously? I just finished all my profile pics and backgrounds.. :unamused:


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Great question @FuzzyFuzzBear!
Now to answer your question, the answer is yes and no.
The first day you can you can change your username.
After that you will have to contact and admin but,
if we change a username it will break the @'ing system.
So i believe an admin will change your user name if
you almost have no @'s. What do you think @BuildASnowman
or @Kiwicute2016?


Wait, you can? :confused: never k-new that


You can't but make a new acc.


Hello? It happened to me, it was Phase_Studios to @Phase_Admin.


Yup, admins like BuildASnowman and t1 can change people's profile names (leaders can't yet!)


I don't get the pun... :sweat_smile:


Cause he's new? xD


Ohh... Haha... :yum:


username lol


Yep @Kiwicute2016 changed her name I don't think there is away right now without being a leader!


I was trying to get people to keep their old profile pics and that was stuck in my mind, so while I was typing quickly, that's what happened!


haha been there done that :wink:


Hey @FuzzyFuzzBear, this is a great question.
The answer is yes when you have gained Trust Level 4 (Leader) and you can change your name. Sorry, right now you don't have Trust Level 4.


No...regulars can't change names, only mods and admins


I would if we could, but then discourse would crash because I have so much replies


@CreativeCoder, you mean you went to your prefences and you can't change your username? I thought you could at Trust Level 3.