Can we upload pictures we made with artisto


Can we upload pics we took from artisto because they have super cool face filters that don't show your actually face


As long as you cannot be recognised, I guess so. Like those avatars.

But be careful.

For younger users, it's best to ask your parents first.


Wait does this make me recognizable


Much creepy :0

Not really recognisable I guess — but always be aware.


It's kinda like snapchat except for it's not really social media and doesn't have sound filters


I can't see anything. It looks like a drawing.




Why Hilary Clinton in the bottom left?


I chose the Hillary Clinton color filter not the face filter cuz I support her


Gosh, what happened to your forehead.


DOmeone sprinkled stuff on it


That is dope.
o o


Wait, what site is this? I can't find it :/


It's an app dude....


Oh, sorry...