Can We Stop With the Alts?



Okay, so recently, there’s been a whole bunch of alts and new people. And with the whole player/xse thing going on on top of that, it isn’t really helping things! A lot of people are jumping to conclusions about xse so with others making alts will that help people with being suspicious? No. So please, calm down with the alts, it’s clogging the forum


i know someone made a topic about this


Um, where?


■■■■ (quote this) is banned for some reason
@Liza why is this happening?


hmm… i have noticed that there have been a lot of new people and a lot of people have been saying they’re “xse” or whoever it is.



The reason why is beacsue it starts with a f and ends with a k… Can you do that on another topic?


what do you mean? more topics would clog up the forum.


i can do it on my super moon topic if you want?


But, I meant about alts in general, not blocked words


look at the likes on the first post and click (300 likes)


I mean, that had nothing to do with my topic, maybe your gt?


ok let me see


Ok. It has a bunch of alts?




I know why its blocked.

Here’s a bunch of others.

They all start with ‘f’ and end with ‘k’.

(Look at the actual post)




did you get tagged for that?


i didn’t get tagged i got a notification

idc tho