Can we make tags?


Ok, so, I was wondering if we could make a tag. Can we? If there is a way, please tell me guys! And if your confused on what I mean by tag, it's that bar above create topic. Where you "create optional tags for your topic". Please help!


Can you edit the title? If so, click on the pencil next to the title. If you look at the picture I posted at the top, you will see the cursor (the little blue thingy on the blank line under where it says help with code) You can type whatever you want to make a tag. If you can't do that, I can make tags for you.


Ok, I got it! Thank you soooooo much @PenguinGaming713. You are very helpful! Thanks!!! :stuck_out_tongue:
Edit: So only regulars can do that! :frowning:


Sorry, but it's her topic, so she can add tags and obviously has the button.
But she isn't a Regular, so she can't create tags yet.


I can make them for you if you tell me what you want! You can have five.


Ok, but I don't need them now. I need them for certain topics. So, is it ok, if I tag you when I need it?


Okay! That sounds great.


Great! Thanks soooo much! You Are Awesome! I'm gonna go follow you on Hopscotch now!
Done! I just followed you


Aww! Thanks! My username is TickleMePenguin on hopscotch. Not PenguinGaming713. Lots of people can't find me because they don't know my name!


Like others said, you made a new tag by typing it where you choose tags, but it only works if you are a regular. Mention me when you need a tag, and I can help you :slight_smile:


You can make tags when you get regular!


You have to be at least a Regular to create tags. As a member, you may only choose the tags given. :slight_smile:


Boy, do I wish I was a regular...


So do I. :3
You just have to be on more often!
I wasn't on a lot because of vacation, so I lost it. ;-;
But I'm working on getting it back! :D


Ok, thanks. I wasn't on because of vacation too. I'll try now tho. Regular, here I come.