Can we help everyone


Some bullies have been insulting my friend
A forumer made a very rude poll.
Very mean and it hurt her.


I would love to help! I dealt with something like this in my 6th period class today... so I can help!!


Do u no the omtl


Oh hey

That's me

Thanks for the mention


actually...... I can't I'm on iPad and it will NOT let me copy/paste


No, im not pointing fingers, frend!


This is what I mean.

Some fourmers are hitting an all time low with this rudeness. It's not even teasing either, straight out bullying. People can hide behind screens and say some pretty bad stuff. It's not really worth it. You don't get anything out of it. You might think that they're feelings are hurt but you don't. This fourm is madness. I've had enough.


I'm the forumer with the rude poll that wasn't rude

And also ur "friend" told me to leave and told me I had a sad life


Well, thats okay


Guys please, there's no need to turn this topic into a flame war :slight_smile:


I told u im not pointing fingers...
Its happened a couple times with different peeps...


Anyone still here?