Can we get new characters

In the new update, can we Get new characters! Like the Halloween characters and more!

@Crazyicecream found these pictures


@Queen152 The Halloween is limited time so maybe not that. Up: I dont know where the tiger,macau,alligator and small alligator came from

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Here is a post about the possibility of adding characters/pictures to to game. They are thinking about it!


Thanks @Violetcupcake987 and @ColeDJ

Who’s the character sombrero?
And the pink one?

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@Darragh_123 what do you mean by “the pink one?”

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Hey, @Queen152 for how many people want new characters, Hopscotch gave us a coice.

  • Pictures in Hopcotch
  • Draw our own Characters
  • Tons more Characters

So far most people are choosing Tons more Characters. Pretty sure we’ll get more. :wink:


@Queen152 the one under star girl

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Oh, that one! I’m not sure who that is, or the one to it’s left, but I really want those characters!

I like your profile picture, SUPER CUTE! I want to cuddle it

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Thanks! @Queen152 Incase u want some, here are some links. Im not gonna tell mine though,d.dGo&psig=AFQjCNFjwJJE3r4fUZR8UzXaXRAxaDLNKw&ust=1439544368257757

Pikachu and Cherry Blossoms,d.dGo&psig=AFQjCNFjwJJE3r4fUZR8UzXaXRAxaDLNKw&ust=1439544368257757

You dont need to make it ur profile pic but you can. Just for ADMIRING too!


Thanks for the links @Violetcupcake987

Someone posted this:
Those characters that were not halloween were the hopscotch characters in the early years. Some didn’t make it to the release of the game. Characters that didn’t make it:

Circle: Did not make it , kinda sad

Sorry if there are doubles


There is some weird characters. I only remember the Halloween characters and I think you can get Miss Chief, Jeeper and some other characters by buying them.

I think the one under Dino is an early design of Cosmic Cody. It looks like it, doesn’t it? Probably before the redesign


.i don’t have them

When was the update anyways

Some say that they were halloween limited edition character and you can still find them in projects.

I have only seen the mosquito

The Halloween characters were there in Halloween(2013 or 2014) I’m not sure if they will be back this Halloween

… I said Halloween way too many times


But can we still find them in projects?