Can we get 1,000,000 posts in this topic? This could be open if u just talked hopscotch related like I said in the rules so please open this - I guess no one read my rules



Rules don't post anything inappropriate and no personal info and it must be hopscotch related (there)


Is this hopscotch related?


This doesn't seem like hopscotch related. It kind of just seems like a chat room for off topic mess. Maybe close or recycle?


It's just a fun thing to do on the forum and yes I guess it is lemme just change the rules


Spam is not what we want on the forum. Nicely said @bluedogmc-official (love your profile picture)


Thanks! I agree with Murphy, all things must be related, and spam isn't really needed. I invited some leaders here.


I'm stepping aside for @Mathgirl :grinning:


Thanks! Was about to do that! @Mathgirl what do u think about this?


What, bots are humans too :3


You can't get past 10,000 posts now


Do you think this should be closed?


There's a topic with 20,000 posts they just unlock the topic




I'm a bit confused...

Also, just saying, topics get automatically closed at 10000 replies, so...

Anyway, this seems a bit like a chatroom, correct me if I'm wrong.




Yah, maybe you should close, or gave can recycle! It's up to you!


We have to talk hopscotch rated stuff like


Please close it,
I'm not a
Leader on this account xD


I wonder if u can songs in hopscotch


@Mathgirl, thanks!