Can we be coding partners @Emojisrus? Please?

Hey @EmojisRUs , can you please talk to me on this topic? We can discuss our ideas and everything here.


What should the name be?


What name?
Like, another account, or something?

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A collab account name


You know @EmojisRUs , one day I tried to log in with my account into my mom's phone. And you know what? I could not login at all. I cannot remember my password and if I log out, I might be locked out of my account forever.

What I'm basically saying is, that you make an account, I'll mention that it's our account by making a project for it. And you can do the same!

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The name can be, gravazzadljng quessadillas

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How's that?

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I'll do it on the 9 hour car ride

What car ride? 9hours?

Oklahoma to Illinois


Oklahoma must be a beautiful place...... I saw it from a satellite.......

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A satellite?!
Ps I'm in the car now

Where are you getting the wi-fi from?

If you're in the car, there must be no wifi, right ?

Is Illinois where you're going for New Year's Day ?

No, I live there :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, that's cool.
I'll check it out.

Oh @EmojisRUs ! The trick is to reply to a persons post and click the little chat button on the top left corner and see your rough part opposite da preview.

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Oh! That make so much sense! I think I learned that before but forgot it :sweat_smile: