Can u make a private topic so only 2 people can enter?



Pls tell me how to make a topic so only 2 people can enter? I need this for me and my coding partner?


No, PMS are the only way to do that, but they're banned.


I'm sorry but there's no possible way you can do that because PMs are banned ;-;


Not long ago it would be possible ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But you cant know I think


Oh ok thanks for your help


To do that, you would have to make a PM, or private message. Sadly, those are not allowed. ;-;
6 hour late reply good job dudey



The only way to do that is through PMs
PMs aren't allowed though


Um, you can't make a topic that only 2 people can enter. But maybe you email @Liza about it. I tried already but she said no.


Ummm ok I'll try to email her