Can this go on featured?


I'm not begging for likes or anything but it would really make my day if this went on featured @admins because I've worked really hard on it.


Nice game! :smiley: (space)


Thanks! Your compliment really helped!


Nice looking game! Well done. I like the beautiful background. On the web player, it may not be working as it does on the iPad, but that's not important.

Honestly, I don't know about the "make my day" thing, though. See, in another thread, you or your partner advertised ambivalence toward others feelings. Boasted about not caring, actually. So, I'm not sure I'd expect anyone to care about making your day.

But hey, still, nice looking proggy, for what it's worth.

EDIT: Because I do care, I went and checked it out on the iPad. Sweet! On the web player, I got this really interesting wavy pattern in the background. It's not there in the iPad version. But at least in the iPad version, the score works. And it runs nicely. You should make more of these. Maybe variations on this theme with various shapes.


Thank you for your very composed reply. There's no point to argue against something that is correct. The reason why I said that it would "Make My Day" even though I don't care about being nice to others is because of one trait that all of humanity shares. Greed. It's inescapable. For instance, if I said that you could choose whether you have a million dollars or your neighbour could, you'd obviously choose yourself. Greed pushes its way to the top of our priorities and stands there firmly and asserts its wants. As I said before, greed is inescapable for all of humanity. All of humanity.


NICE! Great game!

I think that the rocket still would work if you removed the white border, I think that would make the game truely amazing!


I absolutely love how you articulate your thoughts. Agreement or disagreement is a higher-order consideration, not even the most important. What matters at this stage is clarity on what we think or believe and the ability to operate as pragmatic (i.e. honest, experience- or data-driven) agents of our own evolving wills. As a coder, I really enjoy that you are sharing - yes, absent pure greed or pure altruism, but a harmony of the two. I am going to enjoy examining your additional contributions, given the insights that you have provided about their author. Not just composed words. Sincere interest and well-wishes, to the extent that the medium and circumstance permit. I hope I haven't been too obtuse. These are things, difficult to convey. I try. :slightly_smiling:


Very nice. My high score is 711...