Can they copyright hopscotch? (Nintendo)


Well I heard and saw that Nintendo is copyrighting EVERYTHING with a glimpse of any Nintendo games in it... I am not kidding, one youtuber made videos, one with a Nintendo game in it, and they got the rights to it! So I was wondering, if someone made super smash bros, Mario, or Pokemon, in hopscotch, can they own the rights to it?


No if we say that original game was made by Nintendo they won't sue THT


That's a great question.. And honestly, idk. Nintendo is a big company, and if they want to copyright something, they might be able to. Idk tho!


That is a awesome question but personally have no idea


You sneed to give copyright credit there is a playable Pokemon battle in hopscotch I hunk it's fine as long as you see if there are any rights and you don't charge money for it!


You think, someone made a small Zelda game for free and gave full credit to Nintendo, but they shut down his game!


They did ? I'm not sure Nintendo evens knows what HS is


I don't think, because Nintendo probably doesn't look at hopscotch

But I think Nintendo AND YouTube hate fair rights




Nintendo made them they didn't copyright it it's theirs you can't copyright something that yours already well you can but it's already copyrighted because it's your and they made it hjbaahjoah