Can the summer extravaganza b a quiz?


@gilbert189 @buildasnowman @kiwicute2016 can the summer camp project be a quiz?


You could probably ask that on the topic.
I assume it can be.


Yep! Maybe post this on that topic instead. Would you like to recycle this? :slight_smile:


Can you ask this on the summer topic, instead of making a new one? :wink:


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I didn't know there was a topic already.


Oh, you must have seen the banner.
All banners come from a topic.


I saw the thing at the top of the forum


Yeah, thats a banner. They always come from a topic being put up as a banner.


@gilbert189 if a person that's been on featured multiple times enters, that's not very fair to the other people, right? So if someone like that does you won't pick them as winner because of their popularity, right?
Also, does it have to use like every single type of block?


No, we will decide based on project quality.

No other requirements. :D


We don't take anything other than the rubric into account. It doesn't matter whether you've been featured 10 times or have never published before :smiley:

There are no other restrictions! Have fun with it :smiley: