Can’t we just get along?


We are all fighting over religious beliefs. That is NOT what the forum was made for. Nobody needs the constant flamewars that happen.
imma finish what I had to say later.
gtg for now lol
be warned for an inspirational rant, coming at ya tomorrow.
Edit: Kay here ya go.
If I said, “God isn’t real,” it would probably induce lots of arguing and a flame war. If someone said, “People who are L.G.B.T.Q. (Excessive periods to avoid making the post pending) don’t deserve rights, a flame war is going to happen. With the diversity of the forum, flame wars probably will happen, however, common sense can prevent half to 75% of these flamewars from happening.
@omtl Sorry if you’ve already seen the topic, I just think more people need to see this.


i doubt anyone will stop


On a more optimistic note: hopefully. I don’t think that we’ll ever agree, but hopefully we can agree to disagree.


Mhm I agree. It should help that things are actually fairly civil rn. No personal attacks are being made and it’s less of a fight than a calm debate.
I’m not saying it should keep going but people won’t just stop until they feel satisfied bc a lot of feelings were hurt in the flamey part and rn it’s sort of an aftermath.
I wish it hasn’t happened in the first place tho


I have already agreed to just pull myself out of this when an issue is this deeply rooted in religious beliefs there is absolutely no solution literally we all are completely 100% set towards not conceding to the opposite side. Arguments are useless when its just never ending Fla.mes and enraged as everyone is I think that its


Hey I’ve read that book!!!


Quote of the day my friends!^^^

But no we cann9ot get along we must all believe in the almighty Hamill and that only he will destroy the planet killler and no one needs to oppose him evar!!!


Thanks for this topic… if you’ve got something against something than dont say it because for example homosexuality. This will make people feel terrible and then I’ll have to get in the mix and defend the people who are being offended by the homophobes…


Well, people have opinions, but you shouldn’t use them to start flame wars. Discussions - maybe, but as long as they can be held without any fights.


They can’t though. The discussion of religion and gender identity was banned on another forum I’m on because the flame wars got really bad. Like they are here. Now it’s really calm.


So I updated it lol


I mean from what i’v seen its preaty homophobic stuff so no


No, you would just be an Ath.eist. Not really up for discussion. The l g b t community here is really defensive of their beliefs.


I believe that Mark Hamill is the only true god.

Try to change my mind


O no the scary sjw’s are stealing are symbols whatever will we do?


Well, what do you think we can do?


Idk have you heard of this thing called s a r c a s m?


Yes, I know, but, I know people who would try to give me proof that he is real if I said that.


Y o u c a n n o t p r o v e t h i s s t a t e m e n t w r o n g.


It’s much more complicated (and kinder) than you think. :slight_smile: