Can’t switch to landscape on a project

oh interesting, my iphone 8 cant rotate in published project even if i turn off rotation lok in control center, that’s a lot more tolerable

Are you still able to use the trick where you could rotate in a project, exit that project, then create a new one and it would be in landscape (though i dont know if the editor stays rotate or not)

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No. That trick you mentioned does not work. I have attached a screen recording that shows the behavior I am experiencing with published projects in landscape.

You can use the project in portrait, then rotate it as explained before, and it will play fine. When you edit the project, the scenes view works in landscape, but as soon as you enter the editor in a scene the app forces you to rotate back to landscape, and write enough, if you play the project again, it will be in portrait mode, and if you play it again, the rotation method I used before will not work until exit the project and enter it again. [this was was with rotation lock off]

EDIT: For some reason, the forum dosen’t let you upload .mov files, so I had to convert it into a GIF, but the GIF is too large. I might be doing something wrong but I can’t attach the video.


You can upload the video onto youtube or catbox and post it here if you want

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