Can’t make account!


Help! I can’t make a new hopscotch account! I’m on iOS 12.2, hopscotch version 3.33.3, and on a phone.

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Agghh this is the one issue I’ve heard with the iPhone version — you gotta subscribe for a week to make an account, whereas on the iPad version, in a few seconds, a Skip button will appear.

I could make you an account from my device if you want.

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If you have any further questions please put them in the Frequently Asked Questions Category. Also welcome to the forum!


Since no one else solved your problem, and I don’t know, I will check it out and let you know what I find. Give me a few minutes, I don’t have an iPhone with me right now.


Hi! I have also noticed that you need to subscribe to Hopscotch on iPhone in order to sign up for an account. However, if you don´t want you or the owner of the Apple ID that the device is signed in with to have to pay after the free trial has ended, make sure that you know how to end the subscription trial, and that you remember to do so. Always consult a parent/guardian before signing up for anything, especially when a subscription is optional (even free trials count).


I don’t believe you need a subscription to sign in though, what’s your point?


On the iPhone version of Hopscotch, there’s no Skip button (unlike the iPad version) on the subscription screen so you have to subscribe to create an account.


To make an acc on a phone it says that you need the subscription or smth and you don’t have the skip button.


Oh thanks for the clarification, I have never used HS on a phone before :joy:


Lol np.

I have but that’s was forever ago like before the subscription and this stuff lol


Thanks! My brother doesn’t have a account, he pressed skip (he is using a iPad) and he was a guest. Then he changed his name. I could make a account on the iPad, but since my brother technically doesn’t have a account with a password and all, I’m afraid that. If I’ll make a account on the iPad, I won’t manage to login back to my brothers account. Can I make a account for him but keep his projects?



On the iPad, in the top right corner of his profile, is a settings icon. Tap that and you’ll see an option to create an account.
All the projects that your brother has made already will be saved onto the account.


Hey guys, you do need to start a free trial in order to set up a new account. The free trial lasts seven days and you can cancel it whenever you’d like, make sure it’s 24 hours before the end of the trial just in case.


Oh really?
Is that a new thing? Because before I thought that was only on the iPhone, and on an iPad you have the skip button.


it’s only on the phone I’m pretty sure,


On iPad I believe it’s ok