Can someone unsquish my sloth?





It's not squished. It's the right size.


I dunno what to do but the title cracked me up. XD



When it's my pic, it's an oval, not a circle @KoolM123


Oh, well then idk....


Try to use something like an online image resizer.


@Kiwicute2016 I think knew how to do something... But I don't sorry.


I just can't get over the title XD


Best title I've ever seen. 10/10 would title again.


There you go! I "unsquished your sloth". Love the title, by the way.



Can someone unsquish my


At least it doesn't look like this

Poor poor ice cream

oh. And sloth


Thank you kiwicute.


Your sloth is un-squished now.

(Didn't think I'd be saying that today!)


takes a bow thank you.


The title confused and amused me!


I saw it and immediately clicked.

I wanted to see the unsquishing of a sloth. XD


I would give you a gif-t but I'm all out of them


How to draw attention: make starge but fitting titles.


Starge. My gosh. I'm a mess today. Maybe the heats getting to me.