Can someone tell me how to do a tutorial on how to do spam likes! (I already know!)



Can someone tell me how to do a tutorial on how to use and do spam likes!
I changed the topic!!


@Dude73 plz answer!!!


Sorry for making a new topic!


I just saw this! It's no problem! You deserve spam likes! :smile:


What do you mean???
What are spam likes anyway???
(I probably know?)


Do remember that you have some recycled ones :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Spam lieks are when someone gives u a super large amount of likes :D

Congrats, you deserve them!


Spam liking is when someone gives you a lot of likes, really fast. :smile:


How do you get them really fast


You don't "get" them

Someone gives it to you!

  1. First you choose the person you want to spam like!
  2. Then, you press their profile pic!
  3. In the top right corner of their user card, there is a little button that says "___ Posts in topic", press that!
  4. It will filter out of the rest of the posts, except for that user's!
  5. Then you scroll through the posts, and like them! :smile:


By just looking I can tell you live in the eastern time zone, you like your iPad charged, and you don't have a cellular iPad 3G / 4G


I am in the eastern!


I don't see that?


I'll make a tutorial! Give me about 10 minutes, :smile:


@Dude73 t's been like 30 min.!!!!


oooo u r slow watch me



So your going to make a tutorial too?


no mines secret


Can someone besides @AHappyCoder and @Dude73 show me a tutorial!