Can someone teach me how to draw anime eyes



Below can you teach me diffrent ways of drawing anime eyes


Su I will teach you!


If dreamy lemon wants to draw it on hopscotch I guess it is kinda related??


I wanna draw on hopscotch of course i do go to my account and you will see what i mean


You could go into the drawing topic, because I know that people have posted on how to draw eyes. You could also search the forum, because I know someone has already posted on how to draw eyes.

This gives 4 ways to draw eyes.

The biggest drawing topic on the forum.


Even thought this is off topic I will show you how I draw anime eyes.

Please try to keep topics related to hopscotch


Please don't just ask mods to close a topic by someone else! How would you feel is someone asked mods to close your topic?


fine, sorry, @DreamyLemon


It may not be related to coding but it might be with drawing in HS :wink: