Can someone make my grid faster

I want to make the grid to complete faster because it takes like 5 min to complete

(Can someone fill the dark grey trail and above and have the same size)


I use a fast cloning method and this block:
When Object is cloned
Set position to x (clone index % length) × (gap) + (x offset) y (floor(clone index ÷ length)) × (gap) + (y offset)
//you can also set the other stuff like color, size, and more here

Use positive for x gap, and negative for y gap, this will make it generate from the top, towards the right and down. the gap is the square size, and length is the amount of squares per row. The offsets are where the original object is placed.

When self total clones < total number of squares you want (i.e., 1000)
Clone Object //note: massive cloning may result in lag spikes

You can also include a check once if clone index < 50 and surround the clone object block to limit how many clones are created in one frame. This is highly recommended.


Thanks, I already got a better way,
(So I don’t need a better grid anymore)


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