Can someone make music for me?



So I am making a sans battle.

I bet you know what music I am gonna ask for.
Can someone make megalovaina for me in hopscotch? I want to use it so my project is better! Thanks!

You will be given credit if I chose you!

Form to fill out if your joining

  • Will it be good?
  • Will you finish it at least in 2 weeks? (Unless it that good)

Thats it. I might add more.... But anyone can join! Multiple people can... just I will use whichever ones the best!

What ill give in return

A follow
A ShoutOut
Credit (Of course)
and ill help you when you need it!

Tag list of doom



hope i get chosen :smiley:



So no one is going to do this?



I would really like it!
don't make me resort to clickbait


Psst, you already have the best musician who just applied.
*cough cough Anonymous


Yes but I need more,
plus I don't want to wait 10 years


Try using the OMTL to get more people. You could also add a prize as motivation!


Oh yea!


You should also add a link to a Youtube video or recording, so people can listen to it, and decide if they can do it or not! Make sure it fits into Hopscotch's note range though.


Yes and yes, in fact, i just may be able to finish this tomorrow!



I cant wait to see it :slight_smile:


well, huge problem, Hopscotch doesnt have a large enough note range... im sorry, but i cant start this...


Sad I'm bad at making music...


Meh music is...




Can you make the closest?

I really dont want to make music agian it takes to much time :/


now im all lazy because i know its gonna end up horribly...


ok then.

anyone else?


What's sans battle?

I can't make it for you because I don't know what sans battle is


I got the first 4 notes done, but I'll need way more time to get the whole song done. But I can do it. I'm a big fan of undertale, so this will be my pleasure.